Get a fresh start with spring cleaning

Getting organized is always a good idea

With spring now fully upon us, its time for… dreaded spring cleaning.

To me, this means opening all the windows and letting the house air out, cleaning the floors and counters, dusting, vacuuming, getting everything off the floor and making everything smell clean and fresh.

Of course, that sounds pretty daunting, and not at all fun.

There are however, plenty of ways to make spring cleaning fun, and plenty of benefits as well!

How to make spring cleaning more fun:

1. Music

Music makes everything better. Pop on some tunes and shake your booty to whatever you like to listen to when you’re cleaning (podcasts are a good choice too, but TV shows might

distract you).

2. Make it a game

If you’re cleaning with other people, make it a competition to see who can do certain tasks faster. If you’re cleaning by yourself, set little (realistic) time goals for certain tasks and try to finish them by that goal or faster.

3. Make it a workout

If you have a fitness tracker, slap it on and set a step goal for yourself. If you have ankle weights, strap them on to add a little resistance. Take jumping jack or sit up breaks to get your heart pumping and take a small break from cleaning. The possibilities are endless.

4. Give yourself rewards

Save a piece of chocolate for yourself when you get halfway done, plan a lazy day for after you finish, treat yourself to a fancy Starbucks drink when you finish a particularly bad task (like cleaning the toilet).

5. Just have fun with it

Spring cleaning doesn’t have to be a chore. The air is fresh, the sun is shining, and after you’re done, your house will smell and look clean as a whistle. By having fun with your spring cleaning, it goes by in a flash.

Benefits of spring cleaning:

1. It helps you breathe better

Spring might be beautiful and bright, but it’s also responsible for pollen and allergies. Cleaning your home helps to rid it of allergens, making it easier to breathe.

2. It makes your home brighter

One of the best parts of spring is all the sunshine. Its bright, airy and makes everything seem happier. Most people don’t realize that the windows are one of the dirtiest objects in the house. By cleaning your windows, you let all the natural light of spring into your home, making it feel welcoming and cheerier.

4. It helps your mood

Along with reducing anxiety, a clean home helps to brighten your mood, and reduce the risk of depression, according to a study by UCLA.

3. It reduces stress

A favorite quote of mine is “a cluttered home means a cluttered mind.”  Studies show that cleaning your home makes it easier to for you to make essential decisions and can reduce stress and anxiety by up to 20 percent. Lemon scented cleaning products also help to reduce stress, so don’t be afraid to go heavy with the lemon pledge.

5. It helps you sleep better

A clean room, or even a neat room, helps you to sleep better. Even something as simple as making your bed helps you to sleep better, and studies have shown that 75 percent of people who sleep on clean sheets and/or with a fresh scent sleep better.

~Sydney Hernandez, Staff Writer~

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