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President Trible to propose a tuition freeze for all incoming and current students in special BOV meeting, Board will make final decision Friday

On Friday, April 5, the Executive Committee of the Board of Visitors will hold a special meeting.

During this meeting, President Paul Trible will recommend a tuition freeze for the incoming freshmen class of 2019 as well as all returning students.

The proposal suggests that tuition for all incoming and returning CNU students should remain frozen at the  2018 level, although the comprehensive fee may go up as previously planned.

Trible’s recommendation was sparked in part by the General Assembly’s adoption and Gov. Ralph Northam‘s support of a state budget that includes more funding for CNU and other institutions of higher education.

“We are very grateful for the leadership and strong support of the members of the General Assembly in providing additional funds and savings that make this action possible,” President Trible said. “In the first year of our Captains Commitment I will propose a zero increase in tuition.”

The Captains Commitment was adopted earlier this school year during a BOV meeting held on Nov. 16, which took place before the General Assembly had created the newly adopted state budget.

The Captains Commitment is a pledge that provides families certainty about tuition and comprehensive fees throughout all four years they are students on campus.

While there is a tuition increase in the Captains Commitment that differs per class year, students will not see a tuition raise as long as they remain on track to graduate within four years.

The commitment would allow students and their families to create strategies to finance their college education without worrying about tuition costs rising.

For more specific information on the Captains Commitment and what it entails, The Captain’s Log provided more extensive coverage last semester in issue 10 in an article entitled “‘Student’s first:’ BOV tackles Guaranteed Tuition, metal health in latest meeting.”

Since the increase in state support only covers one year, the freeze can only continue for one year as well.

However, should state support continue at the current level of increases, the Board of Visitors may consider extending the freeze in future years.

 “Over four years, our incoming Virginia freshmen and their families would be able to save more than $1,300,” President Trible said, ”and we will endeavor to curtail future increases for our students as support from the General Assembly and the Governor permits.”

For those who wish and are able to attend, The Executive Committee of the Board of Visitors will consider and take final action on President Trible’s new tuition freeze recommendation on Friday, April 5.

The BOV meeting will begin at noon and will be held in the boardroom of the David Student Union. 

~Emma Dixon, Staff Writer~

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