A lottery of disaster

The housing lottery was poorly planned

March 20, 2019: By 10 a.m., majority of Warwick rooms were taken. By 12:55 p.m., all sophomore housing was unavailable. Rising sophomores without housing had to go to CNU Housing to be kindly greeted with a “please email CNU Housing to be put on a waiting list.”

It was a stressful situation as students were angry with this housing mess, especially as the week prior on March 13, rising juniors had this same problem: not enough available rooms. 

It is CNU policy to be housed on campus for three years, which is long compared to the usual one year on campus in most colleges/universities.  It is a guarantee for students to get housing during their second and third years at CNU, but this is a problem as CNU continues to admit more freshmen each year.

One problem seems to be that CNU is lacking necessary transparency of events regarding housing as they don’t public announce them. Most of my friends thought they would email the school to let us know they screwed up with housing, but no email even came. The only reason they knew to email CNU Housing to get on the waitlist either going to Housing or logging on to register for next year housing after 1 p.m. to see the message that there were no available rooms and to email CNU Housing to be put on the waitlist. 

My recommendation is to reduce the living requirements to two years. It is a good middle ground between those who want CNU to reduce it to a one year require and CNU’s current housing policy. In addition, if people want to get an apartment off campus, they can get one during their junior year onward. 

But recommendations aside, one thing we can all agree on—housing this year was a disaster.

~Felix Phommachanh, Staff Writer~

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