What the PFAC?

PFAC is coming to campus and we should all be excited 

It seems as if Christopher Newport University is always adding something new to campus. Whether it’s a new wing to the library, or improving the horrendous parking situation, we are always expanding in size. One of the newest, and more strenuous, additions to our campus is the Peninsula Fine Arts Center (PFAC), located right behind Pope Chapel on campus.  

Posing over $50 million in construction, CNU is adding a new fine art building to the already wonderful Ferguson Center of the Arts.  The Daily Press states that, “The three-story, 110,292-square-foot center will house gallery and programming space for the Newport News art museum, which CNU is already partnered with, as well as a lecture hall, classrooms and studios for 3-D, 2-D and digital art.”  With the addition for the Theater Department, the students and faculty will no longer be split between the different sides of the Ferguson Center. Having the closest thing to a strictly theater classroom be our rehearsal hall, the increased space will be more than welcome by the Theater Department.

A common question that I have heard around campus, is, “Why is CNU putting money towards this project when problems like housing haven’t been addressed in years?” I thought the same thing, but after further research, I found a simple answer. CNU received special funding for this project from other institutions and the state. Everything going into this building has already been funded and approved by CNU’s faculty and the only thing holding the construction is finding the company needed to build it.

Now, I must say, considering one of my two majors here at CNU is Theater with a concentration in Musical Theater, I am a bit biased towards this matter. After reading the plans and looking up the drafts for the building, the only downside I see is having to walk around the fenced off area near the church until the construction finishes. I strongly encourage you to get hype for this because its gonna look fantastic.

~Barrett Goode, Staff Writer~

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