A great big congratulations

It’s time to feel proud about what you’ve accomplished here

The participation trophy generation, the entitled kids, the attendance badge wielders– our generation has been marked with award after award in hopes to raise our self-esteem. 

While some may think that this has caused a generation of lazy entitled brats, and maybe they’re right, it’s done something else, something worse, it’s made us cynical. 

I’m about to graduate college. But even modicums of congratulations about this feat, are met inside of me with confusion and not pride.

Isn’t this what everyone does? Doesn’t everyone get this trophy?

I’m here to tell you they don’t. Not everyone gets through college. Not everyone can even go to college. Not everyone has the privilege to even try. 

We can trick ourselves into believing this because awards and praise don’t really mean much when it’s offered to everyone. It also doesn’t help that it’s now become a kind of prerequisite to even moderate success in our country, but that doesn’t mean you don’t deserve to take some pride in doing something great. 

And I’m not telling you to be prideful or boastful. I’m not telling you to ignore the help you’ve received. Whether it be from professors, administrators, friends, family, whether you’ve received financial support, emotional support, intellectual support, you’ve received help in some way. You should take the time to thank those people. They don’t get thanked enough. But also thank yourself, and when someone is telling you congratulations, actually take it. 

This isn’t what everyone does. College is hard, especially at CNU, where it seems we’re constantly in a battle to one-up each other. We need to volunteer more, have more leadership positions, get that good internship, on top of actually going to class. And looking at your neighbor it may not feel like you’re doing enough, but even if you decide to just invest the time and energy to educate yourself, that is an incredible feat. 

So if you’re in my boat and people’s congratulations are falling flat, let me tell you, you deserve to be proud of yourself. 

College is hard. It’s supposed to be hard. You’ve taken the time to better yourself. You’ve taken the time to deepen your understanding of the world. You’ve challenged yourself and your worldview and you’re coming out of the experience on the other side a changed person and the reason why that’s happening is because of you. It’s because of your dedication, your effort, your work. 

Give credit where credit is due. You certainly deserve a little. Especially after how many all-nighters you pulled.

~Morgan Barclay, Editor-in-chief~

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