In One Week: Meditation musings

A self-described “mentally mundane man” meditates every day for a week straight and discovers unexpected benefits

I’ve never thought of myself as a “put together” person.

I normally remember things instead of writing them down, and improvising all of my work is a cornerstone of my persona.

So when I looked for challenges and goals I could set to better myself, I landed on meditating 30 minutes a day before the hard work started so I could align myself with what I needed to do for that specific day and beyond.

I never had a hard definition in my mind of what one is supposed to do when they meditated.

The simple act of crossing your legs and closing your eyes and just meditating seemed so uncharacteristic to me. It was weird to think of nothing while my mind normally races at a thousand miles per hour, so I decided to try and focus on one topic for 30 minutes straight.

Instead of wondering how my relationships with my friends were, or what Commons was serving for dinner, I focused on my entire schedule for the day.

From planning out my trips to the gym, to making time to study in between all of my classes, setting aside time to set up my schedule was time that I had all to myself.

After several days of setting my schedule up over the course of 30 minutes, I tried to see if I could clear my mind entirely.

The only product of that was wondering how I could get a shark to eat a Pringle while it was still crispy. 

I tried to vary up time spent on different things in my life.

Instead of organizing my schedule for 30 minutes, I went half and half between thinking about my friends and family, and considering when I was going to study before class.

When I didn’t have a goal to accomplish such as setting up my day or thinking about comforting my heartbroken friends, my thoughts ran around in every direction like people in a mosh pit.

But when I tried to focus on the aspect of my life that needed the most amount of direction, I found that I could actually be relaxed and calm during my 30 minutes.

This is not to say I’ve cracked the code on meditation, but after a week of meditating on how to live the rest of my day, I can confidently say I’ve found the best approach to meditation for me.

For anybody who finds themselves stressed out, or uncertain about day to day events they go through, I recommend you to take even 10 minutes to close your eyes and think.

Think about the words you want to say to win the girl back, or how you need to get in line early for Miss Virginia’s chicken nuggets.

Do something with that 10 minutes free from your phone, your laptop, your other obligations, because without a clear environment, you can’t focus on what needs to get done.

And what needs to get done just takes a little bit of mental power mixed with a little bit of effort.

~Tony Sabia, Staff Writer~

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