Currents Literary Magazine seeking submissions

Campus publication embraces the theme Fusion for 2019 publication

Currents, CNU’s literary magazine, is currently seeking submissions for this year’s issue. 

The previous deadline of March 1 had been extended until March 15 in order to give students more time to turn in their personal work for publishing.

This year, the theme of the magazine is Fusion. 

According to junior Abigail Barna, Co-Public Relations and Fundraising Chair and Co-Layout Editor for Currents, Fusion means a combination or blending of any multitude of things.

“Fusion is a broad topic, but I view it as an opportunity to stretch your mind and evaluate things in your life that incorporate many factors,” Barna said.

Barna elaborated on how Currents decided on the theme of Fusion to allow students to have a wider lens when thinking about and creating their submissions.

“We sat together in a meeting and discussed a wide variety of options, but felt that Fusion allowed our fellow Captains to have freedom with their work,” Barna said. 

According to Barna, although the theme of this year’s magazine differs in some ways when compared to previous years, there are also similarities.

“I think this theme is different because Fusion is more of a concept than an emotion such as Nostalgia, the theme for last year’s edition,” Barna said.

“It is similar in the diverse ways the theme can be interpreted and used to inspire submissions.”

Currents accepts a wide range  of submissions for the magazine. They accept poetry, prose, nonfiction, song lyrics, drama and most recently, art.

“Anything you put under the umbrella of literature, Currents will read it and publish it,” Barna said.

“If you’re thinking about submitting: do it. It’s a worthwhile experience and you get to see your name in print.”

Barna explained that her favorite part of working with Currents is the people she works with on staff.

“They are an amazing group of working together to produce our final product and getting to witness them working on something we are mutually passionate about is incredible,” Barna said.

“It definitely takes a committed group of editors to create a polished finished product, but the result is well worth the effort.”

“Currents to me means the ability to express yourself as a writer, editor or reader. Your touch is left on the final product.”

Anyone who wishes to submit to Currents for the 2019 publication can do so by submitting work through 

~Emma Dixon, News Editor~

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