Cruelty free beauty guide

Look and feel beautiful without hurting the bunnies

There are a lot of cosmetic companies out there, and you probably already have a few favorite brands that you know, love and like to stick to when it comes to buying personal care products.

It may be surprising to learn that hundreds of mainstream beauty brands (and their parent companies) engage in animal testing.

If you’re a compassionate consumer like I am, you probably can’t stand the idea of innocent creatures being experimented on and being on the receiving end of unnecessary pain and suffering just so you can buy a new mascara formula.

Here are a couple of simple tips to help you shop more consciously and find products that are good for you as well as the animals.

Consider this your guide to cruelty free beauty made easy.

1. Look for the Leaping Bunny symbol on product labels. It’s a universal symbol of cruelty free products used by many cosmetic companies to denote their compassionate practices.

2. If you’re vegan or vegetarian, you may want to make sure the products you buy are made of ingredients that don’t come from animals, such as squalene (shark liver extract that often ends up in lip balms) and stearic acid (made from pigs’ stomachs, found in some hair and body products).

3. Don’t buy makeup brushes and fake eyelashes that are made from animal hair. Foxes, squirrels, minks and other animals are killed and skinned to create these products and there are plenty of synthetic (and more affordable) alternatives.

4. Seek out natural and organic products if possible. They are much less likely to contain animal ingredients and definitely more likely to be cruelty free. Plus, they’re overall kinder to your own body, too.

5. Do your research. Google cruelty free makeup and personal care brands before you go out shopping and know which ones to look for – make sure you look at parent companies as well. Lots of well-loved brands have recently made the switch: Covergirl, Dove and Herbal Essences were recently certified cruelty free by PETA.

However you decide to incorporate the cruelty free lifestyle into your beauty routine, there are lots of easy ways to make sure your cosmetic cabinet is a compassionate one.

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