Chrysler exhibitions inspire

Norfolk’s Chrysler Museum features temporary exhibits entitled “Chaos and Awe: Painting for the 21st Century” and a exhibit on glassmaking

~Kristen Ziccarelli, A&E Editor~

This season, the Chrysler museum features an exhibit entitled “Chaos and Awe: Painting in the 21st Century” along with an exhibition on glass making around the world and throughout history.

Open to the public free of charge, these first-floor exhibitions feature a variety of traditional and non-traditional works of art. Visitors will find “Chaos and Awe” exhibit paintings, videos, sculptures, portrait art and virtual reality experiences. 

While there is a great variety in artistic medium, “Chaos and Art” is mostly contemporary works, focusing on modern issues such as 21st century globalization, the impact of media and rising technology. 

Glassmaking showcases hold works ranging from the neoclassical chandelier and stain glass window to the realistic-piece chess set. Accompanying signs inform viewers of former glass making methods and techniques in different cultures and historical time periods. Glass making classes are offered for a separate price for those interested in trying out techniques in a workshop. Featured events include glassmaking demos with glass artifacts and techniques. 

Both exhibitions offer interactive material, as “Chaos and Awe” facilitated a virtual reality experience where one could sit down and view the room in a different dimension. The opportunity facilitated the overall theme of technological change and new horizons. 

Norfolk’s Chrysler museum currently features some other exhibits, including “Adeline’s Portraits,” “The Norfolk Rooms,” “Multiple Modernisms” and more.

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