Black History Month Photo Series

SDEC creates photo series that allows students, faculty to share what Black History Month means to them

~Emma Dixon, News Editor~

Every year, Feb. 1 – Feb. 28 is Black History Month in the United States.

This year, CNU has provided students with many events that celebrate Black History Month, ranging from guest speakers to the Black Student Union’s (BSU) BLACK Ball to the Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity Inc. B.L.A.C.K. Arts Showcase and more.

This year, there was another event the CNU community had a chance to participate in.

The Student Diversity and Equality Council (SDEC) created a Black History Month photo series, similar to the one they did last semester for Hispanic Heritage Month.

Faculty and staff were photographed with quotes they hand wrote on a whiteboard.

Each quote explains what Black History Month means to that particular individual.

The idea for the photo series was primarily created by senior Gaby Olivera, President of SDEC, who is passionate about projects that increase representation and understanding of diverse student experiences.

The goal of the project was to highlight the experiences of minority students and faculty members on CNU’s campus.

Although these photos were fairly similar to the Hispanic Heritage Month photo series, SDEC formatted the images a little differently in order to really emphasize the personal statements of the participants in the Black History Month photo series.

“I think there are definitely things we can improve on to get the images more visible on campus,” junior Ashley McHenry, Vice President of Development for SDEC said. 

“But I’m really proud of what we did. Everyone seemed interested in the project.”

The Black History Month photo series was displayed at numerous events throughout the month, including the B.L.A.C.K. Arts Showcase and BLACK Ball.

Dining services presented the photos during the Black History Month Theme Meal in Regattas and Commons.

SDEC also tabled and displayed the portraits in the DSU on Feb. 18 – 20.

Currently, SDEC is working on another photo series for Women’s History Month for next month, March.

The photography session for the Women’s History Month photo series was held this past Tuesday, Feb. 26.

Ten women will be featured in this photo series, which will be released after Spring Break.

SDEC is also planning to do a photo series for Asian Pacific American Heritage Month in May as well as LGBT Pride Month in June, although they are not currently in the works yet.

Found on pages four and five are 12 out of 22 of the portraits created during the Black History Month photo series.  

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