An Open Letter from the Editor-in-Chief

Good morning,

 You may have noticed that there is not a new print edition of The Captain’s Log on the stands. Unfortunately, there will not be a print edition for this week. 

Due to a delayed ruling on Tuesday, Feb. 20 of the CAC Men’s Indoor Track and Field Championship, the cover story of the print edition of Issue 17 has become inaccurate. 

It’s a situation no editor wants to be in. Our staff works day in and day out to create beautiful print editions. Our printer braved snow to get this week’s edition to us. Our weekly readers, those that make The Captain’s Log what it is, now will not have a physical edition of the paper to read this week.

These factors all weighed on us as we made the decision not to run the print edition. However, truth and integrity weighed over all else.

In this day and age, it can seem truth is hard to find, and the role of newspapers is to illuminate that truth. That is our mission as a newspaper, and it is one that we have remained committed to with every edition we release. Distributing information that we know to be incorrect would not reflect the mission that we, and so many other journalists, hold dear.

Beyond this, as Captains we have a duty to our community to uphold the standards of truth. It’s part of our Honor Code; it’s part our rich community that have built here. These standards are not always easy to uphold, nor are they always upheld, but as Captains we are rarely interested in the world as it is, but rather the world as it ought to be.

The corrected edition of Issue 17 has been released online and I encourage you to look through it. Above all else, however, I encourage you to take stands for truth in your every day life, even when it may be difficult, even when you face backlash for doing so. It is only through a continued dedication to truth will it exist.

Our print editions will return to normal next week.

I thank you for continuing your trust in The Captain’s Log.

Morgan Barclay, Vol. 50 Editor-in-Chief

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