Dear Attendance Policy…

If CNU pushes involvement, why do our grades suffer if we miss a class or two?

~Michael Innacelli, CNUTV Managing Editor & Sports Editor~

Dear Attendance Policy,

Let me paint you a picture.

It’s freshman year, I am a bright eyed kid wanting to take my education to the next level while also getting a good footing on working in the real world.

I get put in 16 credit hours of classes, only one of which I am interested in (thank you CNU for registering for me), and I get involved in a few organizations.

I drop all the organizations except for CNUTV, and I end up getting an on campus job. As a freshman, this was a lot for me.

As the semester goes on, I am doing well in my classes and getting mostly Bs and As, I don’t skip, I go to work, I participate in CNUTV and I do everything I can to be a good college student.

Next thing I know, it’s November and due to work I am extremely busy. Since I am doing so much I get really really sick, to the point where standing up makes me feel like I’m going to pass out. Since I am a good student, I email all of my professors and let them know I cannot make it to class for a few days as I am dying. 

I even asked if I needed any doctor’s notes and they all said it should be fine. I shouldn’t have listened to them.

I missed three classes, that’s it.

Final grades come in and I have five Cs and an A. Only one professor didn’t drop my grade an entire letter grade, if not two.

That is unacceptable to me. CNU is encouraging me to get involved, and because of that I got really sick and had to miss class.

I still got all As and Bs in those classes, but because of a stupid policy I actually got Cs. That is just outright wrong.

Now I am paying the consequences for being sick two years later as a Junior. I have been a great student since then, and I’ve brought my GPA from a 2.18 to a 3.09 since then. However, I want to go to graduate school. The problem is the program I plan on going to requires a 3.0 GPA and the average student had a 3.4 as an undergraduate.

I don’t meet that average, but I should. I should have around a 3.5 GPA currently if it wasn’t for that semester and the attendance policy of certain professors at CNU.

Why should I be punished for getting involved with things on campus? I got sick because I was so busy and got sick due to being busy. Should I not get into grad school because of that?

All I ask professors is this: if I can get an A in a class without showing up every day, then why should I be punished when I don’t show up?

I pay for this education, shouldn’t I be allowed to miss a few classes and not be punished? Shouldn’t I get to go to grad school even though I got sick freshmen year?

CNU professors, get rid of your attendance policies.


A frustrated student.

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