Canvas Coffee House comes to Newport News

Port Warwick’s new independent coffee shop makes a splash

~Anna Dorl, Lifestyle Editor~

Canvas Coffee House opened in Newport News this past Friday, Feb. 15, filling Newport News to the brim with caffeine, conversation and cool decor.

The vibes are nothing but good, the environment is relaxing and the coffee is fantastic—what more could you ask for?

Even though the shop has only been open for less than a week, it’s already become a huge hit with students, local employees and families alike.

Customers are already all over Canvas Coffee House’s social media pages raving about the place, letting the community know what a gem it is.

On its opening day, the place was packed with all kinds of Newport News residents from families to church small groups to older couples, all extremely eager to see what this promising place has to offer.

Canvas Coffee House is nestled in Port Warwick among all kinds of local businesses, restaurants and residential areas, in close proximity to Christopher Newport and Thomas Nelson Community College.

The new owners took over the building space that Hip Innovative Studio Boutique and Jolly Roasters, another independent coffee shop, shared last year.

Inside Canvas Coffee, the decor is clean-cut and simple.

It is beautiful enough to take shameless Instagram pictures in and subtle enough to be not too flashy or distracting, which could make studying or writing a paper difficult.

The environment exudes chill vibes and a calm feeling.

When you first walk up to Canvas Coffee House, plants in tall gray pots stand up against the brick storefront and greet you at the front door, welcoming you into an environment where you too can come to grow and flourish.

Inside, alternating black and white walls establish the space’s simplistic style, punctuated by beautiful leafy prints painted on rolls of parchment.

Lots of light wood tables and chairs and chairs offer plenty of space for you to meet with a group of friends to work on a school project or to sit down with your family for an afternoon treat.

A hexagonal gray tile pattern adorns the front counter and white lightbox letters stack up on the wall behind it, spelling out the names of coffee classics such as Americanos and cappuccinos as well as specials like the Hedgehog.

The coffee itself is a little cheaper than Starbucks depending on what you order.

The lightbox letters behind the front counter only spell out the names of the different drinks and don’t tell you anything about price, so be sure to ask if that’s a determining factor for what you’re going to end up ordering.

At first, I asked for an iced macchiato, but the barista who took my order recommended that if I was looking for something sweet and milky like a Starbucks macchiato, an iced latte with a flavor shot (I chose hazelnut) would be more of what I was looking for.

I took her advice and the outcome was amazing.

My drink was milky with just the right amount of ice, and the coffee’s natural subtle sweetness plus a single packet of sugar made for a perfect drink.

For those of you who are into saving the environment (like we all should be), drinks are presented to customers in ceramic mugs and cups if they’ll be dining in, which helps cuts down on the amount of plastic and paper cups used by companies like Starbucks that don’t offer this.

Of course, Canvas still has plastic and paper cups available for those who are getting their drink to go, but that option is definitely a great choice.

The shop offers all kinds of coffee drinks as well as tea and baked goods, so there is something for everyone on the menu.

Canvas Coffee is a welcome addition to the community because of Newport News’s clear lack of independent coffee shops.

Aromas in City Center is really the only other one in the city, and other options for decent coffee include the myriad of Starbucks locations and a few Dunkin Donuts shops.

In just a few days, Canvas Coffee House has already established itself as a fantastic spot, local and unique to the area, to meet and catch up with friends or get some homework done.

It seems like the community has already welcomed it with open arms and empty cups waiting to be refilled —yes, the coffee there really is that good.

Capitalizing on its newness, Canvas Coffee House is clearly already a major hotspot for coffee connoisseurs and casual drinkers alike.

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