Students Speak Out

Sophomores explain why they signed to their chosen major during Signing Day on Feb. 5

~Compiled by Sydney Hernandez, Staff Writer~

“I chose Communication Studies because I have a passion for the area of study. Communication is truly what makes the world go round and being able to understand the fundamentals of verbal and nonverbal communication can really help me excel past graduation. I want to go into communications in marketing, higher education or in the hospitality industry. Long term goal is to work for the Walt Disney Company.”

– Lawson Herold

“I took my first psychology class when I was a junior in high school and I fell in love with getting to know people and the human mind and knowing why people do what they do. Future-wise, I really want to be a family and marriage counselor and I want to use my major to help people.”

– Natalee Jamerson

“My dad is a police officer and one of my childhood friends works with the secret service in the White House, and I have always been interested in National Security. All of these things led me to my major. I am a Political Science major and I chose it because I believe it is the best option to help me get into the CIA. It’s also a flexible major so I have plenty of other career options.”

– Bryce Hall

“I picked my major because I always had a fascination with criminal justice and federal and state law. With my major being Criminology, I want to look at the bigger picture and help prevent issues on a large scale.”

– Christian Lange

“I’m a Communication major. I came to CNU really confused and unsure about where I wanted to go in life but the more Comm classes I take, the more fascinated I am in what goes into getting messages across to people. I can be indecisive, but Communication provides skills that are useful no matter where you go because no matter what job you have, you’re probably going to interact with people.”

– Kyle Gunderson

“I’m a Sociology major because I’ve always had a love for people, and it allows me to explore different cultures and groups of people in a way that allows me to make a difference in the world. I want to become a museum educator to help implement educational programs, train volunteers and educate people.”

– Lizzy Bergman

“I am a double major in Communication Studies and Spanish, and I chose them because I love both subjects and I think they’re going to be super useful in my future. I want to go into higher education and administration. I would love to give back to the place that got me started on the path to my future.”

– Eddie Sonnie

“I chose computer engineering because it’s something I am interested in and good at and it is profitable.”

– Henry Wilson

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