For God’s sake vaccinate your kids

This public health risk isn’t worth it

~Sydney Hernandez, Staff Writer~

There’s a huge debate over vaccines in today’s world. 

With the rapidly growing number of people not vaccinating children, dubbed “anti-vaxxers,”and a spike in diseases easily preventable by vaccines, this conversation isn’t going away. One such disease, measles, has jumped from 120 reported cases in 2017 to 372 reported cases in 2018 according to the CDC.

The state of Washington is currently in a state of emergency, with 46 confirmed cases of measles. Only one of these cases was an adult. 

This anti-vaccination movement is sending our country back to the dark ages, with people not listening to doctors and deciding they know better. 

If I haven’t made it clear, here’s my opinion on vaccinations: if you can vaccinate your children, vaccinate your children! 

It’s a fact, some people cannot be vaccinated. Some children are too young to get vaccinations, and some people have autoimmune diseases that prevent them from being able to get vaccinated. 

That doesn’t mean you have free reign to risk their lives because you think your home cooked food and essential oils are enough to protect your kids. 

Herd immunity protects those who cannot get immunized. But why should you care about other people’s kids? Well by not vaccinating your kids, you’re risking their lives. 

Sure, there are all the arguments against vaccinations, like “vaccines aren’t researched enough” and “vaccines are just a ploy by ‘Big Pharma’ to make money.” 

Vaccines are some of the most researched medicines in the field, with years of testing before they go on the market. 

As for the “Big Pharma” claim, it’s okay to believe that, but that also means that you can’t let your asthmatic kid have their inhaler, because “Big Pharma” makes those. When you got into that car accident, the anesthetic used on you for your emergency surgery was produced by “Big Pharma” too. 

When looking at a chart of how much money ‘“Big Pharma” makes from certain products, vaccines weren’t even in the top ten largest profits. 

Perhaps the biggest arguments that anti-vaxxers have is that vaccines cause autism. This has been proved to be false; there is no link between autism and vaccine. 

The first, and only, doctor to establish a link between Autism and vaccines was a discredited gastroenterologist (stomach doctor) Andrew Wakefield. 

Wakefield falsified his research, his findings were unable to be replicated and he hand-picked data to suit his theories. 

Autism is generally diagnosed around the same time as vaccines are given, which is a coincidence. 

I get it, autism is scary. It’s hard to raise children with special needs, but I’ll leave you with this last thought. 

Would you rather have a child with autism, or would you rather have a child die from a preventable illness?

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