Student Assembly: Money matters

Let’s combine our frugal tips

~Austin Newman, Staff Writer~

Christopher Newport University has launched their first version of Money Matters, a guide to living on a budget. The purpose of Money Matters is for it be an interactive document that can be accessed by anyone within the university to allow everyone to share different tips and tricks to saving money. 

Let’s face it, money is just about all anyone talks about, whether it is paying for tuition, books, food, clothes, or the ever looming dark cloud of student loans you have been accumulating for the past few years. The thought that runs through the mind of every student probably several times a day is money. How much money could I make at this job, do I have enough money to fill up my gas tank and go out to dinner with my friends, how much will I really be paying after I graduate on these loans? So many questions can oftentimes be paired with anxiety. The anxiety you get when you have a meltdown about not knowing what you want to do with your life, the self-doubt when you get a bad grade in class, the confusion about where you will be after you graduate, there is a lot to panic about. 

The idea for this initiative was submitted to us back in April of last year. Students at the University of Michigan started “Being Not-Rich,” a guide to affordable living for low-income students. Other schools, such as UT-Austin and the University of Central Florida, have already created their own guides, with several other schools currently in the process. This crowdsourcing guide allows students, faculty and staff to contribute their own ideas for how to save money on campus. 

At Christopher Newport University we are aware of the potential for panic and total meltdowns over money. That is why we created this guide. 

Everyone has different thrifty tricks and tips to living on a college kid budget, whether it be thrift store shopping, meal prepping or exchange textbooks through Facebook. We want you all to share those tips for the entire school to see. 

The Money Matters document has several different sections revolving around money that people can add to, from clothing to food to housing. 

Anyone with access to the link is able to edit the document, adding something useful for others to use. For instance, my tip is “Every Tuesday Harris Teeter has huge sales on produce products, stock up then because produce can be stored and used for over a week after you buy.” The point being, we all need to save money and we all have different ideas on how to do it. We ask that you share your ideas with us and other students.

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