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Luter School of Business to host second BusX Conference to help students network

~Emma Dixon, News Editor~

The Luter School of Business is offering an opportunity for students to advance their future careers. On Thursday, Feb. 21, the Luter School of Business is hosting the second Business Exchange Conference (BusX) at CNU.

According to Dr. George Ebbs, the Dean of the Luter School of Business, Business Exchange began as “a way for students to mix with the real world, and get everyone involved with the life of Luter.”

The tagline for this year’s BusX is “Learn. Network. Advance.” According to Adam Duncan, the Director of Outreach for the Luter School of Business and a CNU alumnus, although this is the promotional motto used to market the event, those three words encapsulate what the conference is seeking to accomplish. 

The event will include keynote speakers, interactive panel discussions, networking opportunities and professional development workshops that “allow business students to either learn, network or advance their professional career.”

Duncan explained the philosophy the Luter School Business has when it comes to education.

“When it comes to being a professional, you can’t sit in a classroom for four years, be awarded a  degree and now you are a professional,” Duncan said. “Experience is what shapes and molds professionals.”

Duncan believes Business Exchange is a way to bring experience to students, which is a difficult task to accomplish. BusX hopes to get students into the workforce more polished.

“[We] bring people who are practicing what [the students] are studying on campus so they can interact in person, exchange ideas, have a conversation with and look at a walking, taking, breathing version of what they may be one day,” Duncan said.

Although any student can attend, the event is mainly targeted for business students. The Luter School of Business postponed all classes for its students that day from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

“The business classes have been postponed in order to give the business students time to access all of these programs. We can’t do that for other schools,” Duncan said.

The conference begins at 8 a.m. with the keynote breakfast where Brian Eakes, Senior Managing Director at Legg Mason, will speak.

After that, five different sessions will be held throughout the day. Attendees must choose one of multiple panels that are running concurrently for each session. At noon, there will be a networking lunch for students to attend where they can mingle with professionals.

Around 385 students came throughout the day the first time the Luter School of Business put on the conference two years ago. Duncan said the school is shooting for very high participation.

“By cancelling all of the classes, the assumption and expectation is that our students use that time,” Duncan said. “We think it’s going to be a big event for Luter.” 

Nearly every professor in Luter is offering some form of extra credit for students who attend BusX. And of those offering extra credit, over half of professors are offering extra credit packages for those who go to the event.

Students can add 1 percent to a final class average if the RSVP to the event, attend the breakfast and go to one session. 

Students who RSVP to the event, attend the breakfast and attend three or more sessions can add 2 percent to a final class average or add 1 percent to two final class averages.

Currently the Luter School of Business only offers this conference every two years because it is very resource and cost intensive.

There will be over 60 professionals at the event who come from various industries.

Duncan stressed that these professionals are not pitching their companies.

Instead, the idea is to get several professionals from different industries together to discuss what certain business concepts mean to their various companies.

“That’s really great exposure,” Duncan said. “I think it’s tremendous perspective for someone who is 20 or 21 years old.”

The opportunity for students to RSVP has already opened. Students can either scan the barcode or go to tinyurl.com/busx19 to register.

In addition to registering for the conference, students also have to RSVP for the particular panel they want to attend each session due to limited seating. 

Duncan stated that “the path to where you want to be can start at BusX if you use your time appropriately.”

“Whatever you’re interested in doing, or if you’re still trying to figure out what you are interested in doing, you’re going to find that in this event,” Duncan said. “This event can help you figure out that this career is good, it’s not what you thought, or this other career you’ve never heard of before exists. 

“If you know what you want to do, the people who are already doing it, and may very well hire you one day, are going to be there. Networking is how business is done, and this is a way for you to network with people that you would otherwise not be able to meet.”

Although there is no certain deadline to register by, students should still RSVP as soon as they can. Despite there being a soft deadline to RSVP by, seating for each panel is limited so sooner is better than later. 

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