Marie Kondo changed my life

Tidying my dorm changed everything

~Sydney Hernandez, Staff Writer~

With the new Netflix show, “Tidying up with Marie Kondo,” sweeping the nation, it’s about time someone wrote a piece on neat vs messy dorms. 

I’ll preface this piece by saying that I have never been a neat person. Throughout my childhood, my mom would come into my room and gasp, saying “Sydney, it looks like a bomb went off in here” and I would grudgingly stop whatever I was doing, and clean my room the bare minimum. All the clothes in the laundry basket, bed hastily made and all the water glasses on my dresser brought downstairs. 

This past New Years day, “Tidying Up with Marie Kondo” aired on Netflix, and, as cheesy as this sounds, it changed my life for the better. 

Last year, and even last semester, I still lived in my messy ways, in part due to not having a roommate for most of the past two semesters. My floor was covered with clothes, and my bed unmade, and I didn’t realize the effect that had on me and my studies. Subconsciously, it was causing me stress to have a messy room. 

Having a messy or cluttered space is distracting, even if you don’t realize it. When I came back to school from winter break, my bed was hastily made, I had textbooks and notebooks scattered all over my desk, my drawers were so cluttered they were getting stuck, and it took me two weeks to fully unpack my clothes, throwing them in my drawers without folding them. 

Looking back now, the clutter was one of the reasons I had so much trouble taking notes and doing my readings the first week of classes. About halfway through my second week of school, I decided I was going to make a change. 

I started small, organizing my shelf with my textbooks, and throwing out all the random papers in my drawers, putting the important ones in a single folder. I organized my drawers so I could see everything when I opened them and threw out old makeup that I never used. 

Even with these changes though, I couldn’t tackle the main cause of my stress… my closet and drawers. I’ll be honest, I have way more clothes in my closet than I need, and I don’t wear half of them, but what I’ve learned in my “Tidying” journey is that is okay. If it brings you joy, if it makes you happy, its okay to hold onto that scarf that you wear maybe once a year, if that. 

My worst fear about “Tidying” was that I wouldn’t be able to do it with all my clothes, that I would have too many to fold, and too many to fit. In hindsight, this was stupid because I managed to fit all my clothes into my closet before, but it was a fear I had to get over. 

One night, I decided I was done with my stupid hang-ups, and I started to fold my clothes with the KonMari method, a method discussed by Kondo on the show that emphasizes seeing each item in your wardrobe. It took me about two days, but I finished it, and it has impacted every aspect of my life, my studying included. 

I find now that I can do my work better, I can focus better, and I can find things I need to study much easier. To me, having a clean and tidy dorm really does impact your studying, and your life, for the better.

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