The best the world can be

Gillette’s ad should broaden its reach

~Barrett Goode, Staff Writer~

“The Best a Man Can Be” is the new slogan of a commercial that came out Monday, Jan. 14.  In its first three days, this exclusive online commercial sailed up to over 19 million views on platforms reaching across Facebook and YouTube. Currently, it rests at 27 million views.  Broadly, the commercial deals with how men in our society act, and some of the prejudice that we fall under today.  

I first viewed this ad in Dr. Billinson’s class.  We were discussing how media can impact the way society is viewed and how it creates standards for people such as.  Things like bulging biceps and slender bodies came up in our debate. The ad spoke to me.  It goes over how there are some men in society today who believe that it is right to overpower people they think to be inferior, that it is ok to bully, to harass and oppress whoever they want.  

It highlights the “Me Too” movement and goes over sexual harassment topics. I agree with the message that this commercial is trying to say.  I believe that there are people like that in our society, that there are bullies out there.  This behavior can be found among all genders.  Just like how men like to bully each other physically and to make fun of one another, women can cause just as much pain by created emotional and mental stress on others.  

Granted, each gender can cause either of these types of damage, but it’s more common for a man to physically bully another man.  There are bad men out there, and unfortunately those select few give the rest of us men a bad name.  

The ad didn’t just talk about how society views men today, for it talks about how men need to keep other men in check.  I believe whether it be male or female, if we become more aware of the problems today and step up and speak out when this behavior is witnessed, then we can all change the society today.  Just like the men, if women stepped up as well and stopped these terrible actions of bullying and harassment, then it would send a positive image that both sides are united.  If both sides came together to stop this common foe, it would create an image for the generations to come of a unified world that doesn’t tolerate bullies.

According to Kirsten Powers from USA Today, the ad is “telling men to use their privilege as men to confront other men for their bad behavior.”  Whether man or woman, everyone needs to step up and intervene when necessary.  We need to leave the comfort of neutrality sometimes and take a stand against the negative actions of the world today. Celebrity Terry Crews even states in the commercial, “Men need to hold other men accountable,” however we should all hold each other accountable for our actions and behaviors.  If we all respect and treat each other the same, there is nothing stopping us from changing social norm.

The commercial goes on to say that if we start setting a good example, then the people who look up to us will have something to strive for and something to follow.  Whether we like it or not, we are all products of our parents and we carry on some of their values and morals.  The “Golden Rule” is that we should treat each other the way we want to be treated, and with equality.  If our generation moves to eradicate gender division and focuses on equality, then those beliefs will be passed on to our children, who could continue the legacy we leave behind.  We can all do our part to change the future for the better.

It is by challenging ourselves to do more that we get closer to our best.  This message shows up at the end of the commercial and further emphasize the point that Gillette is trying to make. They have brought up this topic that half of us don’t even know how to react to.  The world needs to stop treating each other so badly and we should all think before we act.  It is only then that we will finally be able to come closer to being the best that we can be.

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