Before and after: Super Bowl LIII

The biggest sporting event of the year happened last Sunday, two students give their opinions before and after the big game

~Ryan Lynch, Staff Writer~

It’s coming. The most anticipated Sunday of the year is here.  The Super Bowl is undoubtedly the largest annual sporting event in America.  Emphasis on event, as nowadays the focus is pulled away from the actual game and stretched across all the other entertainment plugs happening this Sunday.  

From the hilarious commercials to the massive halftime performance, there’s something for everybody to enjoy, right?  Believe it or not the Super Bowl isn’t the holy grail as some sports fans would have you believe, and yes, it is acceptable not to care about it.   

People who aren’t sports fans don’t become sports fans just because the magnitude of the game is increased.  

Think of it like one of the big entertainment award shows like the Oscars or Grammys.  

If you didn’t watch any movies this year, you are not suddenly going to flip on the TV and care that those movies are getting an award.  

The same logic is applied to the Super Bowl.  

If you see more of Ryan Gosling then Tom Brady on your TV screen you will be less than enthused with the testosterone-filled living rooms this Sunday. 

However, if you are stuck watching the Super Bowl this Sunday when you’d rather be somewhere else; I suggest you find a way to feign involvement.  

Choose a team at random, root for a specific player to do well, spite your friends and root for the opposition, maybe even put some money down on the outcome, because even if you don’t care about Sunday’s proceedings…it’s a lot more fun if you do.

~Michael Innacelli, CNUTV Managing Editor & Sports Editor~

To my colleague to my left, Ryan Lynch, I agree completely.

It is a lot more fun if you care about the game being played, and of course it is better if you care about the teams.

Only problem with this is, as a neutral fan base their was nothing to cheer for this year.

I am a casual football fan. What that means is I am a Giants fan and we are not the best right now.

I like sports and I like football, so it stands to reason that I would enjoy the Super Bowl.

I did not enjoy it at all.

I have never been so bored by a Super Bowl in my life. 13-3, what even is that?

Yes before you get mad and stop reading, I understand it was a defensive game.

I understand that defensive games tend to have a low score line and that the Rams, in particular, played some stellar defense on the night, but it was dreadful to watch.

I expected action this past Sunday and I was just infinitely disappointed with the game as a whole.

Tom Brady and the Patriots were good, but not the level I expected.

The Rams defensive line was good and kept the Patriots quiet, but it was not up to the Super Bowl level of play.

But what if you argue there were other things to enjoy about the Super Bowl this year?

I agree that there were some “fun” things that happened, but let me explain why it was not enough to save the day.

Yes, I thought it was funny Gostkowski missed the field goal and famous Youtuber Mr. Beast held up signs that said “Sub 2 PewDiePie,” but it did not entertain me enough to forget the boring game going on.

The ads this year weren’t even that good, and don’t get me started on Adam Levine and Maroon 5 not playing their objectively best song

Travis Scott baiting the world with the Sweet Victory tease was funny, but it hurt my heart more than anything else.

Also quick question for Travis Scott’s team, why did they play Drake’s portion of Sicko Mode if he wasn’t there?

And the fact I had to look up Big Boi beforehand just ruined the whole halftime show for me.

By the way if you are still wondering, Big Boi is the non-Andre 3000 half of Outkast.

If nothing else from the Super Bowl I expect to have fun with my friends watching the game.

We were all bored by the end of the halftime show.

The reason that none of these “fun” things happening really made the event entertaining is because it is supposed to be about the football.

No matter the level of interest in the sport, Super Bowl LIII was always supposed to be about football.

Tom Brady and his storied career up against one of the best defensive teams in the league.

That should produce exciting football and it just wasn’t enough for me.

I know that I may seem like just a ranting student, but we were all thinking it.

No one enjoyed that Super Bowl, and if you did you are either a liar or a delusional Tom Brady fan.

There is no solution for the problem of boring Super Bowl games; that’s the nature of sports.

Not every game will be good, it’s just sad the Super Bowl wasn’t.

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