Feeling the love at Nail Luv and Spa

A Newport News nail salon is a favorite with the CNU community

~Anna Dorl, Lifestyle Editor~

~Caroline Tucker, Staff Writer~

With its luxurious environment, warm peach walls and decorative columns that would make any CNU student feel right at home, Nail Luv and Spa is the Newport News’s destination for all your nail needs.

Located in Hidenwood Shopping Center, in close proximity to CNU, Nail Luv has become extremely popular with CNU students, faculty and staff alike. Nail Luv is well known for their wide range of esthetic services, including basic manicures and pedicures, waxing, massages and facials.

After a stressful school day, we decided to head to Nail Luv for some pampering. 

We has heard a lot about the place from friends and were pretty excited to see what all the hype was about. 

Customers can make appointments, but walk-ins are welcome all the time. We did not have to wait at all. Immediately after we walked in and told the man at the front desk what we wanted. He directed the two of us to a revolving stand, which was basically  a tall tower of every color of nail polish you could ever want, and allowed us to choose. We were then whisked away to get a manicure and a pedicure.

Manicures at Nail Luv are done quite quickly, but with noticeable precision and accuracy. After your tech cuts and files your nails and cleans up your cuticles, he asks you to pay while your fingers don’t have any polish on them so you could dig my card out more easily. (After he informed us that Nail Luv doesn’t take American Express, we had to run out to the car to get a Mastercard.) If you want to leave a tip for your tech, let them know how much beforehand—there’s nowhere to write in an amount on the receipt, as we learned the hard way. Your tech also gives you a little hand massage with soothing and sweet-smelling olive lotion. After multiple smooth coats of the polish of your choice and a clear coat, punctuated by polite small talk, he thanks you for your business and then sends you to the nail drying area at the front of the establishment.

So that we could each get a good experience, we decided to get a pedicure as well. 

After choosing your color, you are whisked away to a row of massage chairs with water basins at their feet. Customers receive a back massage by chair while the technician works. The tech strips away the leftover nail polish that still adorns your toes (which is good if you’re too lazy to take it off before) and spreads different scrubs and lotions over your feet while she massaged them. It’s definitely relaxing, although if you’re ticklish, you may have a little trouble keeping still when she massages the bottom of your feet. After all the lotion, she applies the nail polish quickly and cleanly, remarking that she thought it was a beautiful color. Whether or not they’re obligated to say that, it makes you feel good. Finally, you’re given plastic flip flops to wear out and directed to the front to pay with your card.

When we got back to the car to drive home, we found ourselves stricken with what we called “nail fear,” terrified that our nails were still wet and that they’d mess up on the way home. We didn’t really have to worry about this horror, however, because Nail Luv’s nail dryers had perfectly hardened our polish, which is still holding up pretty well about a week later. 

Nail Luv and Spa really knows what they’re doing and you really get a lot of bang for your buck. 

The next time you’re looking for somewhere to go before a formal, your upcoming graduation or if you’re just looking for some post-class pampering like us, Nail Luv is a perfect choice.

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