The King of sushi buffets

Why Sushi King is the best restaurant in Newport News

~Matthew Scherger, BreakingCNU Editor~

~Michael Innacelli, CNUTV Managing Editor & Sports Editor~

The space between the Public Storage Lockers and the Key West Inn does not scream fine dining. Located on Jefferson Avenue, Sushi King is not in the ideal location for a sushi buffet.

The unevenly-paved parking lot and darkened windows do little to encourage people. For those brave enough to enter, however, they are rewarded with the best-priced, best quality buffet-style sushi in Newport News.

Slightly cheaper than OMG Sushi and with a deep menu for all tastes, Sushi King is worth the nine minute drive from campus.

Once you enter, the atmosphere changes from slightly sketchy to a nice bar setting, but with mostly tables. The majority of the restaurant has booths for seating and the music in the background is noticeable but not too loud. Similarly, even when the restaurant is crowded, it never feels hard to hear the people at your own table. 

Ordering is simple: you can order as many times as you want and as much (or as little) as you want with each order. Just be sure to order within your own limits as there is a service fee for uneaten food.

The food is delicious and the menu can seem endless or overwhelming at first. Over the course of the last three years, we have sampled a majority of the menu and we keep discovering new favorites. 

The soups and appetizers are small but delicious. We highly recommend ordering several of them over the course of your meal as they all make excellent compliments to the food.

The sushi is always fresh, made by a pair of sushi chefs at the front of the restaurant.

This slows down the delivery of your meal quite a bit, however, the wait is worth it, knowing your sushi was made mere seconds before your consumption of it.

If you’re not into sushi, the kitchen entrees are hot and well-seasoned. The hibachi and teriyaki sauces are rich but not overwhelming. Most of them come served over sauteed vegetables and with white or fried rice. 

The variety doesn’t end there. There are vegetarian options, both sushi and cooked, and a small kids menu for those who just don’t enjoy Asian food at all (but if you think you won’t like anything, try the teriyaki chicken—you will like it).

In addition to all the food you could possibly order, there is a salad bar, some small seafood bites and a soft-serve ice cream machine. It is impossible to leave the establishment hungry. 

It might not look like much on the outside, but Sushi King is a fantastic place to eat a lot of good sushi. For the same price as eating a single sushi roll on campus, you can experience an all-you-can-eat dining experience with a vast menu of choices that never get old. 

In short, you should only eat sushi at the king, the king of sushi, a veritable Sushi King, if you will.

Personal Recommendations

Appetizers: Beef gyoza dumplings, edamame

Hot food: Hibachi shrimp, teriyaki chicken

Sushi: Shrimp Tempura Roll, Dragon Roll

Vegetarian Options: Hibachi vegetables, aged tofu

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