Got blood?

Students donate blood at drive hosted by Kappa Delta Rho and The American Red Cross Club

~Michael Innacelli, CNUTV Managing Editor & Sports Editor~

Last Wednesday, Jan. 23, Kappa Delta Rho Fraternity (KDR) partnered with the American Red Cross Club at CNU to host a blood drive in the Freeman Center.

The goal was to get as many people from the CNU area to donate blood.

The World Health Organization (WHO) states that “safe blood saves lives and improves health.” Furthermore, they state that donating blood is giving another person another chance at life.

There is a constant need for blood in our society and it can help in many different ways. Donating blood can, according to WHO, help women with childbirth complications, help children with anaemia, save people who have severe trauma and more.

The American Red Cross prioritizes values like humanity and unity; bringing people together to help the world.

The work done by The American Red Cross is primarily to save lives. The blood donated at events, like the event hosted by KDR, goes to people in need around the world.

With KDR hosting the event, Philanthropy Chair Stephen Fike explained that there were several important reasons for KDR choosing a blood drive as their philanthropy event.

“We really wanted to branch out and do some new things to get our name out there, and what better way than to do it while helping people,” Fike said. “Giving back to the community and helping others has always been important to my life and I wanted to bring that to KDR.”

The experience of donating blood is something that can bring people together. Fike felt that everyone coming together for this cause made the event special.

“When I got there everyone who was volunteering, either in the organization or outside, was very nice. I met several of the Red Cross workers and they all seemed very friendly and it was great.”

Getting students out to donate blood was the main goal of the event. According to Fike, it was never really about KDR; it was always about helping people.

“We wanted to get as many people out to donate as possible, even if it was just a few. We just wanted people to come out,” Fike said. “It really didn’t take a whole lot, it was planned efficiently and ran smoothly.”

Exposure also played a role in the decision to host the event. As there are many clubs at CNU, it can be hard to know just what is available.

Fike made it a priority to not only promote KDR, but to also help and promote The American Red Cross Club.

“Everyone’s heard of The American Red Cross, but not everyone may know that there is an American Red Cross club here.”

The need for blood is always high in the US and events like these help save lives. As more of these blood drives happen near campus, students will keep coming out to help others and save the lives of people everywhere. 

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