Say no to three year housing requirement

~Sydney Hernandez, Staff Writer~

Housing. For those of us sophomore year and above, we all know the struggle of trying to get housing in the dorm you want, and sometimes, the struggle of even trying to get housing at all. For the freshman, don’t worry, you will be going through this madness very soon. 

When I was applying to college, I looked at somewhere close to twenty-five schools and applied to eleven. Out of all those schools, CNU was the only one where students had to live on campus for three years. To be frank, this is stupid. CNU has a serious housing issue, in that it wants to keep students on campus all four years but doesn’t have the room. By requiring the juniors to live on campus, CNU then doesn’t have enough room for seniors who still want to live on campus, but still lets them retain housing. This causes the train wreck that was the housing lottery last year, with Juniors and even Sophomores ending the lottery not having housing at all. 

By requiring juniors to live on campus, it also poses several financial problems. For out of state students such as myself, it would be much cheaper to live off campus, and either rent a room or find several people to share a house and rent with. On the flipside, you also can’t take out a loan to cover rent, like you can for college costs, which poses a problem for seniors who just don’t have anywhere to live on campus but can’t afford rent. 

I guess there are two big questions that come from a three year housing requirement… which year suffers the most, and what is CNU going to do to fix the mess that is housing?

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