Club sports: More than just a game

Club sports provide personal growth, marketable skills on and off the field

~Ryan Lynch, Staff Writer~

You’ve just moved-in on campus at CNU; wide-eyed and eager to start your college career. 

It is easy to get overwhelmed with the plethora of choices at one’s disposal when coming to CNU.  

You could join a club, Greek life, campus ministry, on-campus job, intramurals, or try out for a club sport.  

All of these are great options for freshmen to get involved with, but I’d specifically like to talk about the benefits of club sports.   

It can be intimidating at first, I know, between approaching the club table, signing up for tryouts, and then actually showing up for tryouts. 

All of this is without knowing any of the people or how high the level of play will be. 

You might be thinking “why would I put myself through this extra level of stress when I’m dealing with all of the other stressors of acclimating to college life”, but club sports, if treated properly, can be a very rewarding college experience.  

College surrounds us with the possibility and inevitability of new experiences, some positive and some negative, all of them though, serve as learning experiences. 

It is safe to assume that the majority of people trying out for club sports have grown up playing that sport at a fairly high level. Obviously, there are some exceptions to this.  

Club sports gives students the opportunity to continue on with a passion from their childhood, an activity they’re familiar with, something that makes them feel comfortable in a foreign environment.  

It can also be used as an escape from the chaos of college.

Club sports also has the potential to develop into an extra social circle for students.  

The biggest fear of most incoming freshmen are being able to develop a friend community; club sports surround you with people who have a similar background and are able to relate to your own experiences growing up.  

This makes the process of making friends much easier for incoming freshmen.  

As you move into your upperclassmen years at college, club sports can morph into something far more important than just a group of friends. 

Opportunities arise for both leadership and social responsibility.  

Being able to be a part of the executive board of a club sport provides many life skills, and a good addition to the resumé.  

Money management, people skills, logistical coordination, and time management are all skills that are either learned or improved on when one is a club sport executive board member.  

Like Greek life, club sports also give back to the community as the club members volunteer and fundraise in order to have enough money to run the club. 

Growth as an individual is key to a student’s college experience.

This growth happens both naturally and through purposeful experiences. 

Club sports is one of the many avenues a student can choose when beginning their journey through college and life.  

When it comes to campus involvement there is no wrong choice, and participating in club sports is one of the most beneficial choices at a student’s disposal.

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