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#52 Savonte Chappell of the Men’s Basketball team explains all the hard work the team does and explains just how he gives everything for the team

2019 is shaping up to be a good year for junior forward #52 Savonte Chappell. Playing a key role in the Men’s basketball team’s 5-1 conference start, Chappell has continued to draw headlines on a team with plenty of talent. 

In addition to scoring his first career three-pointer against St. Mary’s College (Md.) and beating his personal record of points scored in one game (23) against Frostburg University in back-to-back games, Chappell capped a memorable week with CAC Player of the Week honors.

This would be the first time the Men’s basketball team has won a CAC weekly award this season. 

Off the court, Chappell has proven to be humble and emphasizes the the relationships he has with all his teammates and how they are more than just teammates playing basketball. 

“We’re extremely close,” Chappell said. “We often have dinner together or watch college, NBA, or NFL games together, or go bowling. Anywhere we can spend time together outside of basketball and relax from the constant hard work.”

He is also careful not to get too far ahead of himself in terms of how he sees the rest of the season playing out. 

“Our goal is to be the best team that we can be on and off the court, winning is involved in the process but it isn’t all we care about, all we have to do is strengthen how together we are and compete and put in maximum effort in every game and practice, and based on that the results of our season will take care of itself.”

Despite his cautious excitement, Chappell admits that, inside, he is chasing another CAC championship title to go along with the one he has from freshman year. 

“I had never won anything like that in my life. It felt so surreal, the student section storming the court as the band played our fight song, hugging my mom afterwards, and putting a championship ring on for the first time. That was a great feeling, and I have this season and one more to feel it again.”

Chappell is keeping focused on the court through all his recent accomplishments, however, working on improving with every practice and game. 

Defensively, Chappell has already forced nine turnovers and one steal in the first six conference games alone, along with 13 defensive rebounds. To Chappell, however, there is always room for improvement. 

“My biggest help to the team would be to improve on the defensive end; I’ve proven that I can score, but I have to balance that with not letting my man score,” Chappell said.

He is going into practice with a positive mindset, however, with his recent performances as proof that putting in the work leads to results.

“It’s very rewarding. [Earning CAC Player of the Week] reassured my belief that all the extra hours after and before practice are paying off.”

Chappell is not about to slow down anytime soon, racking up an additional 22 points and four turnovers against Penn St. Harrisburg in their most recent contest. 

He is currently on pace to break his season record for points scored, as well as his season record for rebounds. 

Off the court, Chappell wants to continue to be a mentor for his fellow teammates, especially the underclassmen on the team. He plans on graduating as a Economics major, with a double minor in Spanish and Leadership Studies.

Chappell plans on heading straight into the workforce after graduation and is hoping to find a position in the field of economics in the corporate world. 

With eight more games left in the regular season, we will all be seeing a lot more of what Chappell can do both offensively and defensively for this Captains team hungry to add another CAC championship title to their belts, and too hopefully make a deep run into the NCAA tournament.

~Matthew Scherger, BreakingCNU Editor~

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