“One in Christ through unity in sisterhood”

Sisters of Sigma Alpha Omega spread God’s love at CNU

Sigma Alpha Omega strives to spread God’s light at Christopher Newport. As CNU’s only religious sorority, it is truly set apart from others on campus.

Sigma Alpha Omega is a Christian sorority originally established in 1998. CNU’s chapter, Alpha Delta, came into being about ten years ago.

With 20 members, the Alpha Delta chapter is tight-knit.

“We’re all very close and we all have similar values, and we’re all best friends,” said Anna Trotter, the head of social for this semester. “I guess to me it’s about having that community on campus that you can have things in common with and girls that you can go to in times of struggles [who] get you and have gone through the same things as you. [We’re] like the larger sororities, but a little bit different.”

Sigma Alpha Omega has requirements for membership like most other Greek life organizations, but they are not as exclusive as one might think. They have no grade point average requirement like most social or academic fraternities and sororities, but they do require members to attend two Bible studies a month which are held by sisters. Non-members are welcome to join as well.

The sisters go on retreats in which God is the main focus. Sisters come together and bond with one another as they also grow stronger in Christ. Sigma Alpha Omega also has a national convention held in Wisconsin every summer.

The sisters require attendance at social events that they host at least once a month. They do everything from essential oil parties to going rollerblading to line dancing together.

Their national philanthropy is bringing awareness to ovarian cancer.

 During the month of September,  the national Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month, the sisters hold different yearly fundraisers such as car washes to raise money and understanding for the cause.

This year, they are doing so through selling Pura Vida bracelets in teal and white, as teal is the official color of ovarian cancer awareness.

Trotter was a freshman when she joined Sigma Alpha Omega.  During her second week of school, she saw a flier for SAO and went to a recruitment event with her best friend. She was inducted shortly after. She says most girls attend the whole recruitment week, but it is not required.

Sigma Alpha Omega’s rush week for this semester just ended. It included daily activities such as an Bible study and worship night, as well as an informational night so potential new members can learn more about what it is like to be a part of the sorority.

Aerin Gilday, a sister of Sigma Alpha Omega and a recruitment committee member, said, “Sigma Alpha Omega has come to mean so much to me. To be in a chapter full of such passionate, spiritual, strong women is nothing short of inspiring and it has helped me learn more about my personal faith than I could’ve imagined. The hearts of these girls and what we do for the community as well as one another has shown me how much love there is to be had in the world! Being a part of Sigma Alpha Omega’s Alpha Delta chapter has shone so much light into my life.”

Sigma Alpha Omega’s mission statement reads: “To glorify God by reaching women across the world through the expansion of the sisterhood, by encouraging spiritual development through Christ-inspired accountability and unity, by participating in evangelistic and philanthropic endeavors, and focusing on good scholarship and humble leadership.”

The sisters of the Alpha Delta chapter truly exemplify these ideals in every aspect as they live out their faith boldly and passionately on campus.

~Anna Dorl, Lifestyle Editor~

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