Why write about Sports?

New Sports Editor explains why he writes about sports, why you should write about sports, and what the updated section will look like


Why write about sports?

I have been asked that before by many of my friends in the past couple of years and all I can tell them is why not? 

Sports have always had a huge impact on my life, from playing to watching sports on TV as a kid, I have always been around them. So, as I started with journalism in high school a few years ago it made sense to write about sports.

However, as I was never a great writer and never had the motivation to write, my journalism career in sports started and ended in one article that never got published on some random online blog I sent it to.

Not getting published for my first article was probably the best thing that could have happened to me.

First off, that article was terrible. I would not want my name attached to it now if it did get published.  More importantly, getting rejected meant I would try a different angle on sports journalism: through video.

Around the same time as getting rejected by the online blog I just began learning video production in school. 

Most of our assignments for my media production classes were to make videos on the sports teams.

I was able to continue sports journalism in a way that I was actually good at doing. 

I continued to make videos and follow sports journalism all throughout high school and it led to jobs at CNU with CNU Sports and CNUTV, but I never gave up on writing for sports.

Last year, I started writing smaller pieces for The Captain’s Log in the sports section, and I learned more about how to write sports opinion articles. That turned into a passion for talking and writing about sports.

It’s an odd way to get into writing sports stories but it worked out well for me in the end. 

However, that’s just my story and reason for writing sports. You as the reader might still be wondering why you should write for sports.

The best reason to write about sports is also the best reason to watch sports, to complain about something that happened.

Have you ever watched an NBA game where the Golden State Warriors lost? Neither have I. 

I like the Golden State Warriors, but if you don’t, I’m sure that it’s probably annoying and I’m positive you’ve complained about how they’re “too good.”

Write that down, send it to me. I want to read that article.

In fact, anyone who reads sports journalism loves to hear opinions like that. 

Passion runs deep in sports fans and reading about that passion is always entertaining.

Here’s another good example:  Have you ever gone to a CNU Basketball game and gone, “Wow, how did we beat that team by 40 points?”

Find out how our team won by that much and write that down too.

I am slightly confused by our Women’s Basketball team and their ability to win 103-59 when after the first six minutes they were down by 12 points.

Don’t like basketball? Well find a sport you do like and write about it. 

It really doesn’t matter what the sport is, if it’s an interesting story I would love to hear about it.

I’ve talked a lot about stories in the examples above, and that’s because I want the Sports Section of our newspaper to look a little different.

In the past, we have had a lot of articles about how a team is doing in their season. I still want those stories as they are important to sports journalism, and reading those articles is a great way to keep up with our CNU sports teams, but I want more stories.

I plan on making the Sports Section more about sports and what they mean to people than just about the games. I want to hear what a big win means to  the team as well as how they got there.

I want to hear about how #52 Savonte Chappell’s career-high 23 point game felt to him as he led the team onto victory over Frostburg.

That’s what sports are about, the emotion of succeeding and what the means to the athlete and the fans. 

I for one want to read more about the emotion, and as an editor I plan on making sure that the whole story of each game is shown.

What I want is for you as the writer to tell me about the fake field goal play CNU ran that led to a touchdown, but make sure you track down #49 Dylan Curran and find out what went through his mind as he ran the ball into the end zone.

That’s the story of why I write about sports, and why you should too.

Lastly, I would like to thank our previous editor Phoenix Hines. 

He did a great job with making sports writing entertaining the past several months. I for one always looked forward to reading the Sports Section when he was in charge. 

I hope I can do just as well as he did and give you all the content you want to read.

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