Parking problems temporary, necessary

Current construction creates more parking spaces for everyone who visits CNU’s campus


Short term pain for long term gain.

Although right now a couple of parking lots are under construction, temporarily causing fewer parking spaces on campus, there will be 141 new spaces once the new renovations are completed.

Plans for the construction began a few years ago. The new expansion on the Ferguson Center for the Arts will be built over the current visitors lot (Lot B) and necessitates additional parking to compensate.

“The new lots and other changes are needed to provide parking now and in the future when the [extension of the Ferguson] Center is open,” Jim Hanchett, Chief Communications Officer for the Office of Communications and Public Relations, said. 

Construction began on Dec. 17, 2018, which closed Lot C (located by the Trible Library and Freeman Center) and the roadway in front of the Freeman Center.

While construction is underway, faculty and staff who usually park in Lot C will be able to park in Lot D (near Luter Hall) and the Ferguson Center Loop. 

Construction is taking place in Lot B, Lot C and the Ferguson Center Loop.

The result of the construction will be additional parking extensions on to Lot C and the Ferguson Center Loop as well as a new parking lot along Warwick Blvd. 

Notice and additional information regarding the construction was first distributed to students, faculty and staff back in early December via email.

Originally the construction was supposed to be finished by Jan. 7, taking place during the end of the fall semester and over winter break.

However, due to unforeseen weather delays, this deadline has been extended.

According to Hanchett, although there are short term inconveniences, ultimately there will be significantly more parking on campus that should benefit everyone who drives to CNU’s campus.

“The goal is to make parking as hassle-free as possible within the constraints imposed by cost and the reality that this university is surrounded by neighborhoods and businesses so land is at a premium,” Hanchett said.

Although there is not a predicted finish date, according to Hanchett, the new lot will be completed as soon as possible given the weather challenges.

Crews have worked weekends to expedite the project because speedy completion is a priority. 

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