Make Thanksgiving a break again

Attempts to alleviate finals stress have led to a tough final two weeks of classes

Being a college student shouldn’t force you to choose bet ween spending time with your family, spending time with friends, going broke, or failing out, but these are often the choices students find them-selves making. This is most evident over college breaks.

Last week, campus closed for Thanksgiving break and stu-dents were asked to leave. The last break before the end of the semester, this crucial period of time is used by many to relax. For more involved students, it also becomes a period of time for st udent s to catch up on missed work.

As this becomes more of a norm, professors have made this an expectation that students will be coming into the week following Thanksgiving break refreshed and caught up, placing their hardest papers and projects at the end of the semester the week before finals.

On the other end, professors have been listening to complaints of burnout from students and frequently lessen the workload during finals week, placing it instead on the week before.

Unfortunately, the University is doing the opposite, placing cushioning in the form of reading days during finals week.

Organizations on campus do the same, offering extra help and providing snacks and study days during finals week.

These efforts to assist students display care for our well-being, but are out of touch with what students experience and offer less help than they attempt to provide.

By placing the stress and work of finals week on the week before, students are facing a heavy choice on whether or not to celebrate the holidays or spend time working on finals.

This decision is not one students should be facing. I know I returned from my Thanksgivng break wrecked with pangs of guilt for spending time watching “Crazy Rich Asians” with my family as opposed to working on my research paper.

Beyond this, there are already more than enough precautions being put in place for finals week to protect the well-being of students and discourage burnout.

Students, professors and faculty alike should be doing more to encourage a healthy relationship with family and friends. While I appreciate the efforts being made to protect students by alleviating pressure during finals week, it is putting an unhealthy amount pressure on students during Thanksgiving break. 


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