Dear Einsteins…

Thank you for fueling my caffeine addiction. Thank you for helping me stay awake in class. Thank you for helping me with all-nighters for projects and papers. I know that any time I need to get coffee and work late, you’ll be there ready for me and everyone else.

You aren’t just a coffee place though–you are the social area of the library. You are the single place on campus that students can go and talk in an inside voice.

Here I am able to work on projects with friends, and obsessively stress out over those same projects while enjoying one of the many drinks that I can get.

I have spent more money on you than I have at any other coffee shop combined, but it’s completely worth it. 

The staff are the nicest people, even though they are dealing with the same academic stresses. As fellow students, I can relate to them, and talk when I see them in class if I know them well enough.

Pay a compliment to any worker you see, because they put in a little extra work and show up with a smile to serve all of the caffeine addicted insomniacs at CNU.

Finally Einsteins, thank you for being there with brownie sundaes when I finish finals and need to eat all of my troubles away. Your sundaes taste delicious and hit the spot after t he indifferent GPA sucking void that is finals week.

Good luck CNU students with the remainder of your classes and good luck during finals week. Pay an Einstein’s worker a compliment.


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