Registration woes

CNU’s registration process causes unnecessary stress

It’s that time of the year again. I’m not talking about all the crazy holiday themed decorations, I’m talking about registration–the one thing besides projects, papers and finals that adds to every students stress level. Registration determines what classes you are going to take, and how many override forms you are going to have to fill out because that one class that you need has only one section and is only available during the spring.

I personally dislike registration.

You are called to wake up at the crack of dawn to enter the gladiatorial arena that is CNU live, counting down the seconds to when you have to have a typing speed of 100 characters per minute to be able to fight for a class that only has a single section for the entire year.

Now if you’re a senior or going into your last semester your worries are gone. You’re guaranteed to get every single class you need in a nice and timely manner. 

For freshman, you’re left to pick up the scraps. Whether it be an interesting area of inquiry, or fighting to get the classes that you need it seems your destined to take the walk of shame to the registrar’s office for override forms. 

What follows is even worse. You have to wander around attempting to find the head of each department to get their approval for the classes that you need, a feat that may be unrewarded if the class has already reached maximum capacity. 

This becomes even more difficult as the heads of the department are, as you may have guessed, also people. They aren’t always available. Inevitably, you will end up visiting the same room again and again while becoming best friends with the secretary. 

Bottom line is that you get all the classes you need only if you’re lucky, especially if you are in the younger population. Sophomores and freshman in particular, are subject to taking one or possibly two major courses while completing the areas of inquiry by the end of this time. 

The other way to get the classes you need is to either play a sport that is going to be in season, be in the President’s Leadership Program, the Honors Program or any combination of the three. If you fit this category then congratulations, you are able to register 30 minutes ahead of the rest of the general student body. 

Now it’s not the computer system’s fault, it’s CNU’s. CNU has a lack of availability for classes, only offering some during certain semesters. If you miss one class due to the registration process you have to wait a whole year to be able to progress in one part of your major. 

Overall, registration is a hellish time that gives seniors priority to the classes that nobody else needs, and that costs so many people hours in making schedules upon schedules so that they can stay on track.


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