Dear Stupid…

This is to the people with bad ideas (FYI, that’s everyone). We all have bad ideas. It’s natural to be dumb. However there exists a certain line in reference to stupidity that you should never cross. 

Have a big midterm coming up? Maybe don’t go to that “darty” and see if you can do a double backflip in your Timbs after losing three straight games of beer pong. While you should definitely have fun during your time here at college, just think to yourself before doing fun stuff, “Is this dumb?” If the answer is somewhere within the spectrum of, “I don’t know, maybe” then just pass on it dumb-dumb! 

Do you want to be that kid in class that walks in with giant sunglasses on, pretending you aren’t hungover and stoned at the same time because your weird hall mate promised that smoking weed would fix your hangover but it didn’t? No, no you do not want to be that guy. So with all things in life, enjoy them in moderation and please don’t do dumb stuff.

 Ostentatious Terry


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