Dear Potomac North…

From the day I first arrived on CNU campus, I was scared. Scared of not fitting in, not succeeding in my classes and not being able to adapt to college life. 

All of my fears melted away when I met you, Potomac North. Your residence hall was nothing like I’ve ever seen at other campuses. Complete with common rooms, clean restrooms, crystal clear windows and air conditioners that blew away my doubts I knew I was happy. But something was off. Underneath your foundation, I could still see the faults.

I know that you were supposed to be like your twin sister, Potomac South, to hold second-year students but you were assigned first-year students as the school did not have enough room for them. 

You tried your best over the years to hold back the tears of your weariness, but it seems this year you can’t hold them back any longer. 

You shed a tear when it rains, trying to shield us from the downpour. You attempt to keep cockroaches away as you spray our rooms. You try to keep the ceiling tile from collapsing as you quickly repair it. You get a headache every time the power goes off and cry as the fire alarm wails.

Potomac North, even with all your flaws, you suffer and strive for our protection and I am thankful for that. 

I am happy when I play pool in the game room and scratch. I smile as I sit in your lobby. I am charmed by your ability to get back up after all the strain you have been through. I am happy that you allow me to stay in your hall and for giving me a home away from home. Do not feel bad about what ails you because I know you always try your best to counteract your ailments. Your flaws are not the only thing that define you, it is your ability to stand up after all that has happened. 

My best college memories will always be with you, Potomac North. 

 A Happy Potomac North Resident 


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