Five ways to maximize your workout

Let’s face it, not all gyms are created equal. And while CNU offers some nice facilities and equipment in the Freeman gym, it seems that all too often, the machines fill up fast, exercise rooms are booked and students are hard pressed to find a time where the gym isn’t crowded. Here are some of the best ways to get a great workout in anyway!

Two treadmills in the Freeman Center gym are out of order. KRISTEN ZICCARELLI / THE CAPTAIN’S LOG

By Kristen Ziccarelli

Switch up your warm up, not your entire routine

As someone who loves running and walking on the treadmill, one of my favorite ways to turn a negative into a positive (when I see all the treadmills are full) is to do a warm up on another machine. This keeps things interesting and keeps me constantly on the lookout for when people are finished exercising.

Vary your scheduled work out time

Most people do this anyway, but if you can, change up the time you workout. Most of the time, the gym is more crowded at night and has less people during the afternoon, so if there is a day or two you can go during the day, go for it! And then you may discover if you truly are a morning, afternoon, or night person! If you’re really hard core, you can go at 6:30 when it opens or 11:00pm an hour before closing, and you’re almost guaranteed a machine.

Take advantage of the free workout classes

Not all of us have extra $$ to spend on a Fitness Class pass, but you can still take advantage of the FREE Happy Hour classes on Friday afternoons! Not only is there a space already reserved, but it can be a great way to begin your weekend in a stress-free way!

Go with a friend and do opposite workouts

If you have are lucky enough to have a gym buddy, you can ensure maximized success with their company. One of you can work out on the free machine while the other exercises somewhere else, and then you can switch equipment/machines for the second half of your workout.

Take your workout to nature

As much as we love our Freeman gym, staring at those beige walls can get a little routine. One remedy is to take your cardio outdoors on the Noland or nearby neighborhoods, and get to the gym for your weights and strength training exercises. Guaranteed all the sidewalks won’t be filled!

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