Cultural eye-openers of Colonial Williamsburg

Now that the free collegiate pass is available to CNU Students, you can visit the historical site with little more than some gas in your car and a dollar or two for lunch. Here are four of the best locations to maximize your visit to Colonial Williamsburg this Fall.

By Kristen Ziccarelli

Bruton Parish Church

Kristen Ziccarelli / The Captain’s Log

The Bruton Parish Church is a must-see for visitors of Colonial Williamsburg. As an active Episcopal church and home to hundreds of visitors per day, you will notice some pretty big names on the pews of all isles. The parish features some history and culture that will probably come up in one of your classes. Bruton is open to the public.

The Colonial Gardens

Kristen Ziccarelli / The Captain’s Log

The Colonial Gardens are more than just a site to behold. As you walk inside the white picket fence, you can watch and interact with gardeners that demonstrate historical landscape and crop harvest. These tips may come in handy for your botany lab or if anything, prove that crops were the key to life or starvation in the past. An admission pass is required.

The Governor’s Palace

Kristen Ziccarelli / The Captain’s Log

If you want to step out of revolution for just a minute, the Governor’s Palace is a peek of royalty before it all came crashing down. Featuring antique sword displays and grand staircases that open into a hidden garden, the palace will leave you wishing you were one of the seven governors lucky enough to live in this royal abode. An admission pass is required.

The Capitol 

Kristen Ziccarelli / The Captain’s Log

With the unmistakable brick facade and gilded weather vane arching into the sky, the Capitol is a site to behold in Williamsburg. The Capitol is packed with history and culture Рit was a central  meeting places for advocates of American independence but also hosted suppers dances and other social events. An admission pass is required.

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