Critique, comedy and some common sense

American television personality and author Greg Gutfeld’s book, ‘The Gutfeld Monologues: Classic Rants from the Five’ offers a satirical and humorous comedy on the most controversial political issues

By Shawn Fleetwood

American politics can sometimes be like watching the longest game of tug of war ever. Both sides are dug in and refuse to budge, with little room for humor or whit.  However, The Gutfeld Monologues: Classic Rants from the Five  by Greg Gutfeld offers a comedic insight into some of America’s biggest political debates and topics.  A co-host of The Five on Fox News, Gutfeld compiles some of his best monologues to date into one book, offering critique and commentary on his speeches from over the years.  But unlike statements made by other political pundits, Gutfeld’s monologues often include a sharp humoristic approach to serious issues, making his arguments much more persuasive and comedic.  

Gutfeld tackles a host of issues including identity politics, Hollywood, terrorism, and much more, utilizing his comedic tone to persuade the reader. His monologues are hilarious, and you’ll find yourself laughing along with every word, even if you don’t agree politically with what Gutfeld is stating.  Whether he’s mocking Obama on climate change by calling him ‘Captain Planet’ or referring to Trump as an orange meteor, his lighthearted and witty hilarity is captivating to both conservatives and liberals.

One of the best quotes in the book comes when Gutfeld is writing about Hollywood and their out-of-touch mentality when it comes to the rest of America.  Gutfeld states “These films don’t reflect us at all. They reflect an America existing in the Viagra-addled minds of Starbucks socialists who hate our country, values, and themselves. Which is why my favorite movie of the year is the one I made in Mexico with an ostrich. It’s still up on YouTube despite the complaints.” It’s through this kind of writing that makes Gutfeld’s talking points even more interesting, when you really analyze what he’s trying to get across to the reader.

His sense of humor through his writing makes the book enjoyable for anyone interested in politics or social issues.  Gutfeld’s usage of satire and sarcasm makes something boring and dull, like politics, seem interesting and amusing. Humor doesn’t downplay his opinion on politics; rather, it furthers the credibility of his arguments. By combining humor and intellectual reasoning, Gutfeld guides the reader deeper into his point of view and helps them grasp his way of thinking.

Some of the book’s monologues were a bit repetitive, particularly on the subject of terrorism. Some of them had overlapping messages, which is understandable since they fall into the same category. However, it would have been better had there been different styles of  jokes pertaining to the war on terror. An additional fix that would make the book more entertaining is if there were more chapters tackling other hot political topics of our time. There were a ton of monologues packed in each section and the book could’ve been better served if there were more chapters with fewer speeches in each chapter. This would’ve allowed for a broader range of topics to be covered, without the reader getting bored of the same topic being discussed repeatedly.

Nonetheless, The Gutfeld Monologues is a book filled with persuasive, thoughtful, and comedic insight into some of the biggest political subjects in our country today.  Even if you have no idea who Greg Gutfeld is or have never seen The Five, this book is a must read for all political junkies, as it gives a unique and amusing take on today’s politics and makes what topics that are often controversial, light and humorous.

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